Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bwahahaha .
I gonna spam this post .
Dont read this one if you want .
Lol . Morning .
Flag raising .
First time pulling the flag luhs .
Then I accidentally release leyh .
Flag touch the ground luhs .
Luckily abit only . :x
Hope alot ppl didn't notice .

Last paper tuhhday .
It was quite fine . 8D .
Except for 1 question .
The 3780 = 2 square x 3 to the power of a x 5 x 7 to the power of b .
That one was damn pissing luh .
Left 10 mins to do that.
At first still dunno . :x
Then spam calculator until get the correct answer ;D

Ms Ho wanted to see me .
And some other people .
My Journal . She wanted the results by tuhhday .
So, anyhow chiong that luhs .
Cause going out with Crystal, Hannah, Deldel and Shuyun .

Called Hannah .
Was rushing out of the school liaos .
Hannah : Huh. We at the foyer.
Me: o.o' kays. I go there .
Me: btw uh . It's pronounced as 'foyae' not 'foyer' .
According to Mrs Sim .
Lol .
Then we're laughing like mad luhs ;D
Had lunch in Macs .
Didn't eat .
Except for that Mcflurry .
Yesterday ate macs with Paige liao luhs .
Then talked about people.
Then talked about their HAIR?!
Then Crystal let down her fringe :D
She looks so pwetty . ;D

Went to walkwalk in hub . Then saw LOADS of amksians. Lol. Saw Qingwei (L), Hester (L), Xiaoying (L), Jade, Xiaoxue, Jazreel, Cher, Yuanshu, Vivienne .
More than that .
I think I saw Samoeul leyh . >w<
Lol . Then go watch movie.
Ip Man 2.
Lol .

Walk home liaos .
Then Clarice say she saw me .
Lololol .
Longest post ever .
Shall not make it any longer .

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