Sunday, May 16, 2010

Still constructing my blog.
Remaking the Gans part .
So happy today cause 2 people entertained me LOADS.
Clarice and my lao ahma.

Lao ahma's reddeh going to drop liaos .
Wait for Qingwei for the official reddeh shake for 1 day +

Xiaoying's phone drop inside a pail of water .
And it spoilt.
I was like.
So careless . x.x
Yeah. But also damn sad . );

Lol. Paige like somebody.
Other class ders .
But he like somebody else.
But the person he like got stead liao.
Complicated . O.O'

Getting late >.<

- Tuesday ; councillor meeting, 7am .
- Wednesday ; Volley . >;o
- Thursday ; Flag raising . D:

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