Friday, April 16, 2010

Was actually supposed to post ytd.
(But who cares? :D)
Was chionging HE.
Inclined pull ups: 15 [A] .
Sit and reach: 39.5cm [A]
Shuttle Run: 11.4s [A]
Sit up: 30 [A]
Standing board jump: 179cm [A]
2.4km Run: 14mins 46s [B]

Totally flunk my 2.4km run .
Its like.
So damn close.
14 min can get A le .
Then the last part I go walk.
Wl .
Hester get 12mins ...
Why she so pro ders.
I must retake. Idc.
I don't want that freakin' damn B .

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