Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cranes I folded during Chinese lessons .

So fun luhhs.
I wanna fold paper hearts next time :>

Mrs quek call us eat food.
from where? Turkey? I forgot .
At first we rejected, but then she say,

Mrs Quek: Aiyooh! Walk here 4 times 5 times le still don't want take.
Me: ...
Mrs Quek: Nice mah?
Me: Uh. Yea :D
Mrs Quek: Stomach ache don't come find me :D

Hahas .
Mr Tang will call supplier help us get knee pads and volley shoes .
Discounted price :>
Should cancel Volley Shoes from my wishlist .

I wonder why ; the time I was hating the current coach and wishing for a new coach, and when a new coach comes, I will be wishing for my previous coach.

` {♥} Leilei ;
Sometimes, Life is this hard. We can't always expect it to be a bed of roses.

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