Friday, April 23, 2010

Home Econs.
Mrs Quek taught us the egg stuff.
Then the bouncy egg.
Then Kenneth go BOUNCE the egg.
(in fact, it's kinda throw )
Then break lor .
Damn disgusting .
Luckily got another egg. x.x

LOL . The boys kept on talking .
Teacher came in like 3-4 times.
Isaiah damn noisy luhs.
Teacher say .
He councillor. Want remove tie? :D
Then after she go, he go point middle finger .
Then Isaiah, WeiKai and Marcus kept on burping and make those disgusting noise .
Wl .
Then suddenly my turn.
Got like 2 words idk how to read.
Confirm fail de.
I haven't even go through the last 2 sentence then shuyun go liao.
So my turn to read to teacher lor .
The conversation was damn scary .
Didn't expect that question.

Off to Ace learning . ~
( It really sucks . Mdm Leong like everyday give us . -.- )

` {♥} Leilei ;
Emptiness isn't loneliness, it's the missing of you.

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