Thursday, April 1, 2010

The SPEECH rocks ttm .
Although it was scary uhh ...
My hands was like .
shaking .
Yeah .
Thanks to those who wanna vote for me .
Or those who I convinced to vote for me .
Lol .

THANK EUUZX : ♥Xuanxuan, ♥Xinlin, ♥Sarah MUMMY!, ♥Anqi, ♥ HANNAH! :D, ♥ YANYAN! :D, ♥ Jiahui!, ♥Zhiying, ♥Davannie, ♥Yanna.

It may seem alot.
We need LOADS of votes to pass .
sian .
I really, really hope that vb seniors will vote me ._.
as for Zhiying and Davannie...
Hopefully they'll keep their word.
Oh yeah. Thanks ♥YANYAN! for helping to spread :D
I love you loads. :DD

` Leilei .
Even if it is a lie, just say you love me.

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