Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Miss Tan changed our place .
Now I am sitting beside Tian Song . D:
3rd row .
I just realized Mirza got SPIKY hair.
Blocking my view .

Me: Wl eh . I hatezx you . :D
Tiansong: I hatezx you too . :D

He's damn .
Lol .
Hannah is uh .
2 tables and 1 hole beside me.
Edlina too . :D
Deldel have 2 irritating peepos beside her.
Marcus and wisely .
Wisley, is that how I spell your name? :x
Crystal behind Marcus .
Jueni sitting beside Davannie.

Yeah . Most of us got good partners.
I bet the only one crying is Mich.
She sitting first row,
K sitting last row .
Oh, Im so sad fer you . :D

` Leilei .
Love starts with a smile , grows with a kiss , and ends with a tear.

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