Monday, April 26, 2010

Eh. Wl.
I wish IAP lessons can be longer.
I reallyreally wanna play the piano more.
Had that damned dance performance .
Gah .
It was exactly 3 mins :D
And, that mr-dunno-what said that Edlina cfm selected for NOMAD .
Lol .
Had one study grp today.
With Edlina and Yuxin .
So sian .
The maths ws .
Do until I want die .
This Wed got Home Econs test .
Fri got both compos.
Edlina said got ace learning .
But somehow.
I can't find it.
I think I do le bahs.

Pissed off by her . -.-'
Listening to Hester's blog songs.
Playing with phoneeeeeee .

` {♥} Leilei ;

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