Friday, June 18, 2010

Council + Volley = Kaboomzxc . :D

Hey ! :D
Alooooot of things happened this whole week .
But well , I gonna focus on today .

Went for council meeting at 10am .
Was abit late , cause it was raining .
Luckily EXCOs didn't scold . ^-^
Then went in council room to help w/ the care comm board .
Was damn boring sia.
And they were running out of cardboard and glue,
so Evangeline and I went to J8 to buy them .
Damn far canzxc !
Cause AMK de close . x.x
Anyway , we went there .
Loads of problems. O:
The glue we don't know buy which brand ,
and the cardboard we didn't know which type . O:
Asked and asked the assistant sia
I bet she'll find us annoying . D:
We found the cardboard thing .
And the glue .
But the cardboard costs 4.80 !
And Kentan says it costs 2 dollars !
We panicked
In the end , then buy lor .
Our pop card at home .
Got one kind soul , lent us the pop card, get 20% discount .

Then chionged to arcade there , played that thingthing .
Then I got craaaazy .
& spent loads of time hogging over that .
But didn't get. O:
Then change side,
went over to one with carebears .
Hog over that too . O:
And . I got that effing carebear . D:
And 3 pathetic coins.
But I want DOMO sia. ._.
Evangeline asked the people can change boh,
then they say can !
Chionged down , went to buy Yami Yoghurt .
Ahahah . >:D
Evangeline also went to grab some food.
Then chiooooong go bus stop .
Missed 88 . x.x
And then I was like , damnit . -.-
But at least , got 15 mins to wait for the next bus and enjoy my Yami Yoghurt . :3
Evangeline bought Ice lemon tea and some Pringles .
Had to sneak them in the bus . O:
She almost tio caught sia . LOL .
Then faster chiong up , -whewww-
Came back ,
Had to help Zalifa buy cheese fries .
Then pastepastepaste and slack .

Saw the captain and my pwincez setting the court ,
then I also helped , went there barefooted .
Lazy wear my shoes . O.O
Then went training alr .
Uber fun man !
Digging set new record again ; 140 .
Hester keeps complaining that I didn't bend my knees .
But then uh . If I bend my knees , the ball will fly here fly there . D:
Then serving .
Hester can serve over net siaaaaa !
I so jealous . ._.
I only can middle court then serve over .
I am noob , I know . -.-
Oh yeahhh ! Mr Tang cameeeeeeeeeeeee ! :D
Trained , then slack , then trained again . x.x
Tiring man .

Oh, and that coach .
He sort of humiliated me sia. ._.
It's like , Glenna is the setter .
Then he also call me practice setting with digging ,
Fcuk , I don't want to sit down on the bench can !? O.O
I. Want. To. Become. A. Setter.
Glenna don't want that position sia. x.x
Sian man ...
Heck , I'll just try my best . :D

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