Thursday, June 10, 2010

Busy, busy, busy .

I'm tired. ):
Real tired.
From those effing homework and stuff. :/
I've been running around and working my ass off these few weeks.
Mon - Volley .
Tues - STUDY . D:
Wed - Volley .
Thur - Council meeting.
Fri - Volley.
Practically, volley is taking up every Monday , Wednesday , and Friday .
Luckily NOMAD rehearsals didn't come in till next week.
Or I'll be really deaaaaaaaaaaad with this hectic schedule.
And look at my epic homework, I haven't even started on them.

Compo .
Assessment books .
Miss Tan told me to do more exercises on both compo and compre, so my mum bought me assessments to do. O.O

Acelearning exercises

Do powerpoint slides on Levers.

History Brochure .
History powerpoint on loads on chapters. :/

& loads more less important things.

Come on. You somehow have to manage your time.
I shall maple only on Saturdays and Sundays then.
Since I'll also have to revise before my studies drop .

Shall end here !

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