Friday, May 21, 2010

Baked rock cakes♥ tuhday.
Was uber fun! :D

Volleyball OFFICIALLY sucks ttm.
Idiot UGs luh.
Say want use court,
we go clear up the whole court for them to use,
then still don't want to use . -.-
Waste time.

Then he call us throw the ball over net, then we must run underneath the net and catch the ball.
You may think it's easy,
But well, it isn't.
Jiaxin tripped over her ball,
and her middle finger bled.
Then I was like 'OMGOMG. YOU BETTER GO.'

Then we had to do the spike thing.
w/o the ball.
And he abit then scold liao . -.-

Next, the receiving.
It was like about 4pm already,
and I was supposed to go for councillor investiture.
Then I was like, frowning and frowning.
I just had to choose between 1 ; CCA, or council.
Yeah. In the end I went for volley.
Then train finish liao,
he go say Cheryl cannot listen de, got ears, no eardrums.
Then say me what, got attitude problem. Just cause I frowned? -.-
Bloody retard luhs.
Heck care him lers.
New coach on June.

Luckily there's no training on Mon.
Can go for council investiture lers. ♥

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