Monday, April 19, 2010

I miss you :/

I miss being a roman guard.
Standing there, throughout the whole time, after the homework is went through.
We'll be like,
so loyal, serving the kings and the queens ^^
Ilovedieyou, misswong .
You'd push us onwards, during those days.
And scream like a siaodingdong till your face turn red like tomato.
Thanks loads for disencouraging me.
Which made me work harder.
6D was the time, when I started to speak up.
So memorable.
I'd still tremble then,
but I promised myself after going to Sec, I'll be damn different.
So yeah, here am I :>

Went to J8 with Deldel, Paige and Jiaying.
Paige spent loads of money.
She spent like, $7 on that machine thingy.
And only got 1 pathetic tail .
(What's that called?)
Was raining heavily.
My left sleeve got drenched.
And my shoes are all wet :>
Coz I share umbrellie with Paige.
Paige, you owe me loads, for lending you that umbrellie.
Bwahahha .
She screamed like mad girl luhs.
When 1 car come, the water splashed at us .
Then we ; AHHHHHH!

Actually, I found out that wearing that damn tie wasn't that hot.
Was pretty chilled.
We were like, retying and retying, just to get the correct size .

` {♥} Leilei ;
Please love me with all your heart and don't let go as time will heal my scarred heart.

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